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The organization of work crews to provide labor-related services in various industries leads the cause of this Association. Offering services that outperform what other businesses offer, while at the same time keeping the performance at a high level with reasonable and efficient cost pricing. Using a close connection with the community outreach services the connection for the unemployed and unskilled to obtain meaningful employment through close networking and communication in creating teams of workers to provide general labor, unskilled jobs and by specializing in taking an average business that provides good service and turn you into a 5-star, front-page rock-star, helping to launch a product online, becoming the most indispensable partner of the business would become a high probability. Solving problems as a consultant while providing connections in various fields through systematic individualized consulting specialized for any product or service. Your clear path to cultural transformation is one contact away and having a package of versatile logical thinkers providing solutions through fundamental systems and logistical products proven to be successful. Allowing the connections to learning, understand, and act on employee insights to align and equip leaders, allow employees to get engaged, and inspire action that makes a difference. Changing markets and variances in the neighborhood and real estate values can cause fluctuations in how a hotel is appraised. When refinancing, issuing loans, or investing in hotel real estate, lenders, owners, and potential owners must have confidence in the value opinion on which they base their decisions. These partnerships made that will provide training and prepare agents to profit from this marketing explosion. It’s through these established relationships that your marketing office of telemarketers, developers, and business administration personnel can take advantage of new technologies reducing the overall cost and increasing the return on investment.a


Web development and Media Marketing
Reputation and Social Management

By providing these services for companies in Mexico and the U.S. to begin this campaign through contracts with restaurants and local attractions. Using various online resource and the marketing team, high-quality agents prepared for live Chat, SMS, and Email communications, freight and shipping needs. Personalized marketing will make its foundation through contracts solidified with satisfied customers, happy partners which leads to estatic investors. Focusing on public traffic generated to brick and mortar locations with tools such as proximity marketing tools. These “Ultimate Sales Agents,” created within these systems and tools would be the heart of all business opportunities to come. Coordinating with customer relation surveys increasing the capabilities of services and products provided. Walking homeowners through the purchase of a solar system and a home will provide the opportunity to supply informing consultations for financing, credit repair, and various other related services. Creating, managing, and promoting an online community for those interested to become a part of the marketing promotion member for a small monthly fee. This would provide the opportunity for the novice investor to receive daily educational and informative information about regional and global investments through various affiliates. Increasing profitability by contracting with consultants, educators, and specialist, to promote their products or offer question sessions, webinars, and interact with members in real time.



Within the market of Real Estate, J.P. Country will eventually grow into the ability to conduct an online advertising marketing live auction maintaining an event schedule spread across multiple digital platforms that allow market openings for investors as well as buyers. This is an opportunity to showcase homes with 360-degree virtual tours as well as highlights the amenities’ of the home. Boosting home values with special interest content such as solar, water conservation, and other energy efficient tools that may assist the owner from various extra cost while promoting environmental consciousness. This conscious topic is a serious topic that maintains the potential to promote various environment-related material regarding environmental protection and other related subjects. Providing property purchasing ability through a live auction, furniture appliances, and electronics. Making the home tour an experience of showing the home vacant through virtual tours and conventional lived in standards with articles in the cupboards and clothes in the dressers and closets the sale of the home would be a part of a larger revenue source. Ultimate sales agents available to manage their calls, orders, and shipments. Partnerships with companies will provide advancement opportunity in various directions. Solidifying this with marketing agreements based on the primary goal of assisting the impoverished and Homeless. Using Drone, Automated Intelligence and Online video and audio broadcast JP country will allow international market recognition China, Europe and Mexico. Variety of music, journalistic reporting, and various talk shows were interviewed on various domestic and international subjects. Contracting through various local stations through specified hours such as replay and events planning. Generating a solid base of diverse and interactive clients through the use of youtube, social media, and television, the transition into customers will become a natural flow. These clients will learn about environmental issues, regional attractions, and various positive and educational content. Utilizing personalized marketing with the innovative communicated ability to interact with individuals through live chats, interactive purchasing, and customer service representatives available 24/7. Promoting Real estate investment will provide opportunities with partnerships with various companies such as Amazon, DHL, and UPS for expanding the range and probability in international shipping for this region. Partnering with the Tijuana’s upwards growth in the Air Freight industry with the construction of a new Facility to handle large loads combined with the trucking industry freight shipping can a simple logistically solution for a technological dispatch operation. Carrying the Real estate into new regions such as Dubai and Australia, showcasing different cultures, the environmental impact of differences with the energy efficient upgrades. The expansion into the industry as contractors that can not only fulfill orders for renovation and purchases but also, providing an informative source to inter-connect with services ranging from mortgage refinance, Health Insurance, and social services. Visiting many states and counties showcasing the homes along with the regional attractions. Amusement parks, holding these advertising blocks specified to coordinate with online auctions of everything, the home, cars, and everything is for sale. This boost to the American economy and the stability of this organization will begin to acquire an unconditional income. Investment into the creation of the Real Estate Investment Trust (REI), which will control and direct the lease and purchase of properties begins its fundamental investments from the profits of the Placement of the Innocents Project. As revenue provides a source of investment the creation of a residential neighborhood as a Home Owners Association (HOA) that provide homes that the graduates of the Programs affordably priced housing with security and anonymity such as Health and Human services associations, educational facilities, and interpersonal resources for immediate needs. This structured transition for unemployed, homeless, incarcerated or addicted to finding new meaning and purpose as the opportunities to live and function in such a diverse region as Border location. Options within barge shipping, marine positions, and rail shipping’s provide many positions to be filled as Mexico coordinates more with the United States to provide a barrier-less transport industry across North America. Expounding Real Estate into Health Insurance Research and Development, Groupo Albercas will expand to further solidify the financial foundation.

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Taking a group of canvass personnel to promote for voters registration, participation in research for health-related causes, in communities. During recruitment campaigns promoting the J.P. Country brand, San Diego and the various attractions available in the region. Further advertising and promoting various causes throughout Mexico and the United States. Supplying the needs of the census programs and various other causes related to medical research for causes such as malaria, cancer, and Alzheimer. Having these workers canvass the communities and contact citizens at various locations providing information on the events and activities being the initial contact to draw the community to participate in various causes. Holding a musical event in support of this cause the main event a music festival of country, rock, rap, and reggaeton, this will draw the attention and funding needed for the next steps toward the #1 Innocents Association. A location where these causes will most impact is the Southern California region. The topics would range from opinion polling regarding political, social, and regional issues and corporations regional behavior would also generate various revenue sources. Lead generation, referral, and programs and services sign up would also provide an opportunity for community activism in the areas visited. By including treatment program associates, entertainment, and activities for children. Drawing the community in to participate and listen to motivational speakers, Poetry, and music provides the platform to retrieve the information forward into our database and forwarded to the correct department. Taking advantage of the opportunity to educate assist and encourage the people providing hope and ideas for the future. Offering everyone the opportunity to sign up as members of the various websites to do virtual marketing, development, or data entry and collections work. By providing these services for companies in Mexico and the U.S. to begin this campaign. Using various online resource and the marketing team, high-quality agents prepared for Chat, Sms and Email Broadcasting, personalized marketing will make its foundation with through contracts solidified. Focusing on public traffic generated to brick and mortar locations with tools such as proximity marketing, Wi-Fi, Cable Phone and Internet Services for businesses and families. These “Ultimate Sales Agents,” created within these systems and tools would be the Heart of all business opportunities to come.

Beginning with Little Italy, Chula Vista, and La Mesa areas the J.P. Country campaign will provide content of the various locations, attractions, and residential areas. While providing advertisement and current event announcements to the public regarding the community and the progress being made. Partnering with community organizations, San Diego Tourism authority and different businesses within these communities. Partnering with organizations like Higher Ground Productions, a former President Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama have struck a “storytelling partnership” with the video-on-demand service that will unfold in front of and behind the camera. The adventures in explaining climate change, mining for gemstones and the struggles in mining for cobalt including the various human rights issues related to these industries. Partnering with the state in the exposure and dangers related to the illegal marijuana grow locations. Subjects ranging from Sealife and wildlife conservation will detail the content to include educational topics such as recycling efforts and water conservation. Many animals are under threat globally from the effects of civilization. Bears, wolves, coyotes, rhinos, elephants, vaquitas, and oceans reefs. Providing content of the struggles of the homeless communities in various locations based on a scheduled broadcast generating interest and name recognition for investment later. The content of Exotic locations that showcase job opportunities for job opportunities in fields of social work nationwide. San Diego and Tijuana is a region of cultural diversity and local community connection. The ability to speak fluent Spanish and interact with the communities from the Mexican communities in the region as well as draw attention to the San Diego business, research, education, and entertainment varieties. Attracting investors, educated and skilled personnel for temporary visits and relocation. In 2013, the Little Italy Association of San Diego embarked on a restoration project of two of Little Italy San Diego’s most iconic landmarks: Piazza Basilone and the Little Italy Landmark Sign. These along with various other local attractions and residential facilities such as the Vici apartment building, the Luma complex, and the farmers market. Media productions in this atmosphere will provide a platform to draw talent and showcase current movements such as partnering with THE DAVID’S HARP FOUNDATION. The promoting the natural beauty of San Diego and the variety of high end living locations such as the Greystar Park 12 complex that offers locations are close to shopping, dining, and workplaces, and our experienced professional create a perfect balance of services, amenities, and finishes to energize your everyday. This attraction focusing on bringing investment to these regions to Vantage Apartments and other residential locations throughout the county. Presenting the savings and environmental effects of commercial and residential solar. Promoting Tourism and employment opportunities in some of the most advanced businesses in the world. The development of community connections will assure the financing needed to continue with other opportunities.



A great SEO company never pretends to know your business better than you. What we can promise is that we will take your goals in your language and translate that into actionable plans. Before your campaign begins, we’ll organize a kickoff call between you and our team. We’ll discuss the goals and objectives you’d like to achieve, as well as explain our processes and initial plan for your custom SEO strategy.
After your kickoff call, the search engine optimization team begins digging in. Our process uses a variation of keyword research, google analytic data, competitive analysis, and other tools and tactics that help us determine what improvements will be most profitable for your business.
Once our research is complete, a unique optimization strategy is crafted to meet the specific goals that your organization needs to achieve success. Our SEO experts will ensure that our campaign plans align with your expectations and desired outcome.
The custom SEO plan is fully developed, the team gets to work on rolling out a schedule and plan of attack for the duration of your campaign. We provide monthly ranking reports to constantly keep you updated on our progress. Custom traffic and conversion reports are also made available to the customer as needed.
Reputation Marketing
The reputation marketing field has evolved from the marriage of the field reputation management and brand marketing and involves a brand’s reputation being vetted online in real-time by consumers leaving online reviews and citing experiences on social networking sites. With the popularity of social media in the new millennium reputation, vetting has turned from word-of-mouth to the digital platform, forcing businesses to take active measures to stay competitive and profitable.
Using marketing in a system that utilizes location technologies to directly communicate with customers via their portable devices. Uses of innovative tools that include distribution of media at concerts, information, gaming, and social applications, retail check-ins, payment gateways, and local advertising.

AMAZON Product Marketing

“We can help you get a product to market and make it sell!”
Amazon has changed the way we work. The giant is the largest B2C commercial website in the world, operating across the globe, with millions of daily users who have their credit cards on file and are ready to purchase at the push of a button.
Getting your product on the store shelves of a big-box store like Walmart used to be the ultimate goal. It took a lot of time, a lot of research, a lot of money, and good connections to make it happen. And once it did happen, you had to sell it at whatever price The Big-Box store decided to sell it.
Amazon has completely changed the game, allowing average everyday folk who are not masters of capital with millions of dollars of inventory and revenue to pony up to the bar and compete against multi-billion-dollar corporations.
Unfortunately, with a leveled playing field comes a large entourage of players. Today, getting your product found on Amazon can be an equally daunting task. If you are not successful in getting your product noticed, it will languish somewhere on page 17 and never generate any Revenue. However, if you get to the top of page 1 and get your product viewed by millions of people, it can mean a massive windfall in your favor. There are dozens of other screenshots taken from the seller’s Central section of Amazon that we could share with you. But these are enough hopefully to paint a picture of the possibility which lies before you.
Naturally, we cannot guarantee any kind of result, as there are a lot of factors that go into ranking and doing well on Amazon, many of which are completely outside of our control, including the quality of your product and packaging and other issues that could affect customer experiences like shipping and damaged goods Etc.
To that end, we are careful about which businesses we decided to partner with and which products we decide to represent. If we decide to work with you and your company and product, it means we see potential in your product as a long-term investment of our time. because we want this to work out in everybody’s best interest, our preferred method of working together as a partnership whereby we retain 25% of all net profits from Amazon sales, rather than being paid our monthly consultation fee. The very nature of Amazon and Amazon products is somewhat prohibitive towards short-term business Arrangements. Rest assured, if we decide to work with you, we’re in it for the Long Haul.
To learn more, download our Amazon Partnership Guidelines, or fill out our Discover Form.
Other Marketing Services
The above services are our “Bread and Butter” and there are few agencies who can out-perform us. But we are a full-service agency, and we offer a number of other services.
Pay-Per-Click Marketing: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is vastly superior to most other forms of paid advertisement, like TV, Radio, Billboards, Yellow Pages, etc., fi for no other reason than you can adjust it on the fly. With traditional media, you have to give it your best shot and hope it converts – but with PPC you can adjust things as you go to continually improve how your campaigns run.
Our pay-per-click division is Ad words Certified and completely on top of all the changes in the PPC arena. We are also fully trained in Facebook ads and have many unique services that few other companies can or do offer.
Social Media Marketing
Social media is important, and only going to become more important as time goes on. Customers expect you to have a presence, and if you haven’t posted in the last 6 days (or 6 months!), you look dead. We can help fill the gaps, and keep your customers engaged on sites like Facebook and Twitter so that they’re ready to listen when you have something to say or share.
Video Marketing
70% of consumers expect you to have video, and having a video on your landing page is a great way to increase “stick” rate and lower “bounce” rate. We have the ability to create just about any kind of video you can imagine.
Website Creation
If your website is slow, ugly, and not mobile responsive, We can fix that, with a CUSTOM BUILT website built on the highly versatile WordPress Theme.
Leading with climate change content through criminal justice reform, tackling real estate affordability, tourism, retail merchandising, Electric vehicle promotion and holding on-line auction sales. This will provide more content to be produced for political events and promotion along with other media. This offers a steady flow of fresh and innovative content that challenges the customer experience, market, and productive potential of all clients. Establishing connections worldwide, expanding the reach of your company products and services world to over 44 countries while consulting through political and economically viable entities that provide sure profits while meeting all international and national regulations. Assisting individuals and communities by providing economic education, through consultations on Health and wellness, Character and leadership guidance in addition to industry related information. This is the most complete connectivity relationship you can make with JPC marketing consulting and investment to place your endeavor in the best position for success.

JP Country is all about helping those in need while profitably promoting various causes, events, history, and culture of Mexico. Partnering with various organizations to promote important causes, products, and services collecting crucial information and providing various services.

The #1 Innocents Association will collect 30 percent of the revenue for primary funding leading to the placement of the Placement of the Innocents project (P.I.P).Learn More


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